Get your Movie Made

Don’t waste your time spending tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on film schools where you’ll end up with a worthless short film. Learn from the master on how to get a feature film financed and sold and really start your career.


The Develop Your Movie program will show you
how to make a profitable feature film from development
to distribution in 4 simple steps.

Who is Rob Margolies? Rob has produced 4 feature films with star-studded casts all on a low budget scale and now he can help you make one too. For the first time ever, Rob is holding an open call for writers, writer/actors and writer/directors who want to learn how to get a low budget film produced in a professional manner that will kickstart your career.

Who is Rob Margolies?

Margolies is an award-winning producer with four feature films under his belt in the low budget category. Each of Rob’s films star well-known talent and from major TV shows and motion pictures. His films have been purchased by major production companies like Lionsgate.


Rob Margolies will have a 90-minute consultation with you to go over the ideas you have for your feature films and hone in on the best concept that you can execute on a budget to take to market.

It’s crucial that you start with an idea that is not only low-budget friendly, but is one that will attract actors and has a clear marketing angle in order to help ensure profitability. Rob’s expertise in developing material as well as selling films gives him a unique perspective into what kind of material works for making low-budget films that attract a great cast and turn a profit.

Questions Answered during the Consultation

  • Is the film produce-able on an ultra-low budget?
  • Will this film attract name actors?
  • What is the marketing angle for the film?
  • Is this a film you are truly passionate about?
  • What kind of market is there for this genre/story?
  • How could the story be improved to attract more talent and capital?

For the next 8 weeks you will write 10-12 pages a week of your new screenplay.

The writer’s round table:
During this period you will also meet up with Rob and 3-4 other writers working on their own screenplays for a writer’s round table where Rob and your peers will give you valuable feedback. These 3 hour meetings will give you a broad sense of feedback from people with varying tastes that will help you gain insight on how to improve your story.

1 on 1 consultations:
During the writing process, if you have any questions that are stopping you from moving forward, Rob will be there to provide answers to get you back on track so you don’t fall behind a week and will sometimes even call on other professional writers in his Rolodex to help push you through the next round of pages.

During the Writing Process you’ll learn:

  • Techniques to ensure you don’t stop writing
  • How to give and receive feedback to help develop films to get them ready for market
  • What makes a scene expensive and how to write for ultra-low budgets
  • How to develop characters & story to get actors salivating to play the role

Congratulations, you’ve written a movie! Now that you have a completed screenplay Rob will assess your script and guide you through a 2nd draft based on his notes as well as the feedback from the writer’s round table.

Once the 2nd draft is done Rob will re-assess the screenplay and offer any additional notes for polishing. In truth, scripts are usually rewritten and polished up until the day of production – but don’t worry we’re already moving on to step 4 while you polish!

Important Points

  • Fund-raising and attaching actors typically happens while you’re working on your polish
  • Even though you’re working hard on your script, you’ll essentially go into pre-production  which means looking at locations and other key personnel
  • Once the script is locked we’ll get a much better idea of the types of financing that would be available for the story and can start seriously assessing a realistic budget

While you are polishing your script, Rob will make you a full business plan with a budget, schedule, sales projections, a star name cast wish list, and the overall game plan on fundraising. This is the secret business mindset that virtually nobody teaches and the way films on a budget get made.

What you will learn:

  • How to find crew on a budget
  • How to negotiate with crew positions
  • Different requirements for working with permits and unions
  • What crew positions are necessary and which can be compromised
  • How to handle catering, green rooms and other production logistics
  • How payroll works and the cashflow of your production
  • Tax implications on fund-raising
  • How to keep your cast and crew happy during your shoot
  • Common pitfalls to avoid that end up costing production tons of cash
  • How to properly plan for publicity of the movie
  • and much much more

Important Notes

Included in Rob’s producing fee are legal contracts for investors and, where applicable, cast and crew, which would normally cost thousands of dollars all on their own. The best way to look at Rob’s fee is as a deposit. Once the funding for your film is secured, you will be able to pay yourself back Rob’s fee in full from the budget.

If you’re tired of writing spec scripts and episodic sample scripts that you know are like playing the lottery and want to see something you’ve written go from blank page to silver screen, now is your opportunity. Rob’s financing track-record and his experience producing and directing ultra-low budget films could be the missing ingredient you need to start your film career.

Space is very limited and Rob reserves the right to not accept anyone into the program. Serious writers only.

If the script is already done and the filmmaker/writer does not need the 8 weeks of development, pending Rob’s interest in the concept, the price will be reduced by 30%.


Rob was literally a Godsend for me. After struggling to get something off the ground for fifteen years I finally felt like I found someone who got it. In about six months’ time Rob gave me the notes on my script that I needed to take it to market, attached some a-level caliber talent at major agencies, put together a super small budget that was manageable, found me funding, and saw the movie through to the end. Working with Rob was literally a dream come true for me.
-Jon Dabach (writer/director of I’d Like to be Alone Now)
Rob Margolies is an incredible producer and director. I worked with him on Roommate Wanted and it was an absolutely terrific experience in every way. He put together a wonderful cast and crew, and everything about the shoot was totally enjoyable,most efficiently executed, and turned out great. There have been a couple of other projects that I would have loved to have done,if there weren’t scheduling conflicts, solely because of Rob’s involvement. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
– Richard Riehle ( Office Space)
I have just finished a wonderful film with Rob Margolies and his attention to detail as well as the cast and crew matches any other project I’ve been involved with for the 35 years I have been a working actor. The professional and competent production would have me saying yes to any future film he we spearheading.
– Jack McGee (The Fighter, Rescue Me)


Rob Margolies is an exceptional director and producer. I have been involved in 2 film productions with him, as a director and as a producer. He is dedicated to quality story telling, and strives to create a unique story without compromising on the artistic integrity. He does not back down just for the money. I believe the most important thing in this business is integrity and he has that in spades. I hope to work with him in the years to come, as I have gained not only a wonderful work colleague but also a friend.
– Spencer Grammer (Greek)


Rob Margolies is a guy that you can count on. If there is something that needs to be done, he can, and will get it done.  If he were to run for office, he would have my vote. He is a joy to work with and for.
– Carl McDowell (HBO’s Ballers)


If he’s good enough for me to work with, he’s good enough for you to hire.
– Charlie Sheen (the one and only)


Rob’s uncanny ability to finance films that he knows he can sell is unparalleled to any other independent filmmaker who has ever hit me up for money.
– Jeremy Schott (Executive Producer of “She Wants Me”)

“Rob has a way with people when it comes to money, he always seems to have someone ready to invest in a project! It’s a gift!!” – – Tenille Houston (actress and producer)

“Rob is an amazing collaborator and is great at finding funding for independent films. I worked on two feature films, amongst other projects, with him where he not only developed the projects but also made them possible to film through his ability to find financing for worthy indie films.”
– Jennifer Sciarra (producer, Fully Engaged)

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Please note that for certain projects scholarships for the program are available. We want to hear from everyone with a good idea, don’t let concerns of price get in your way of making a great film.